Custom 3D Printed Awards, Plaques and Trophies

3D Printing is a highly advanced method used to create custom resin models with an accurate level of detail. Our expert 3D modelling team can create all kinds of unique and wonderful 3D prints from buildings to complex machinery. Most importantly, this technique allows us to recreate your specific products or logo to be incorporated into the awards.

Our resin personalized trophies and awards can be combined with a range of different materials to build up the perfect product whether its placing the model on a wooden base, next to an acrylic cut out or 3D printing the entire award. The options are endless!

3D Creative Arts Awards

An exciting way to share and celebrate achievements in the industry is through creativity and personalization which are some of the great qualities 3D printing can offer:

  •   Personalized trophies and awards using your iconic and most proud of products
  •   Sporting awards with a 3D effect
  •   Sales awards 
  •   3D creative arts awards

With 3D printing anything is possible, our modelling team spends hours perfecting your designs accurately providing a high level of detail and fulfilling specific requirements. The resin comes in three original colours, clear, milky white or grey. Models can then be airbrushed a colour of your choice, given a metallic finish or left in its natural form. All these different options are available to allow the final product to stand out on your desk. 

3D printed awards are very popular when celebrating innovation, each one being unique and personal, reflecting a realistic representation of the accomplishment and are always well received by the recipients.

Personalized 3D Print Trophies and Awards

Awards are often designed combining several materials to produce the piece, this is commonly seen when using 3D printed models whether it’s through metal to add some weight and keeping up with the modern, futuristic feel or crystal to revert back to the elegant, classic look. 

No other material can offer the same amount of detail and intricacy that 3D printed resin can. A 3D print requires much more time and expertise than the production of an average custom award, hence why it is considered a premium fabrication process.

The extent of the creativity of the pieces are entirely up to you, our account management team are available to explain the techniques and methods used and help you move forward in a direction suitable for your designs if you’re not completely sure yourselves. The team can show this to you through the use of past examples for inspiration and complimentary designs.

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