What does your office look like?

During lunch break, everyone pretty much...

How often does your company give out awards?

Would you say your logo is...

don't be confused about Altrum Acrylic Awards

Which one of these is your eye drawn to the most?

What Type of Awards Are Best for Your Event?
Modern Awards

You might be looking for something a little more on the sleek side. Think traditional with some flare! A few suggestions that might speak to you are combining a few materials, maybe some metal and wood together?
Classic Awards

This one is all about the crystal!!! Your award style is elegant and refined, you like to keep things simple because why fix something if it isn't broken?
Creative Awards

Break out the color, bring on the lights, maybe even glow in the dark?! Who knows! But what we do know, if that your event is ready for some show-stopping awards like the crowd has never seen. You're all about the color and pizazz!

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