Pro tips to make your award stand out

Posted on December 14, 2018

Make award stand out

Some tips to help you take your award from good to exceptional.

Use unique or mixed materials

While awards and trophies are often associated with plastic or glass materials, Altrum Awards has set a precedence in our industry by creatively incorporating and mixing several other materials to create unique pieces.

The choice is yours: wood, crystal, acrylic, stone or metal. Go even further and add that unique prop to give a truly distinctive feel to your design and reach your aesthetic goals.

3-D etching

A 3-D Etching offers endless design possibilities to capture the essence of the object in your commemorative piece.

Our production team uses a laser to engrave detailed 3-D art inside crystal. A subtle yet significant feature that allows you to customize and accentuate your award. This technique is frequently used to reproduce detailed objects, such as buildings, logos and even people.

Light effects

Add extra spark to your deal toy by incorporating lights or glow in the dark features! Crystal carries light very well and can be colored according to the chosen light bulb.

Your award will be engineered to allow you to control those lights and replace the battery when needed.

Custom acrylic embedments

Embedded items in acrylic or “sandwiched” in crystal is a great option to increase the memorability factor.

Is there an object that would increase the emotional impact of your award? Computer chips, metals, precious stones, currencies, and even liquids such as water or oil are some of the options that can be embedded.

Make it spin

Whether it’s a logo, product, or a symbolic icon, making it spin adds some fun to your award! A spinning pin can easily add a touch of personality to your piece, without compromising its sleek look.

Spinners add a lot of impact when placed next to a plaque, or at the very peak of a tall award.


Layering never goes out of style in fashion or in award-making. Using a variety of colors, materials, or thickness is a great way to create a completely unique look for your award.

A popular option is to use aluminum as the middle layer to create a bold and strong look, and use colored acrylic in the front and back to bring out the company’s colors in a creative way.

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