Custom Glass Awards 

Crystal and glass awards are adored for their brilliance and shine. Heavy, sleek, and classy, this material is perfect to create high-end awards that will look fantastic on and off stage. What makes glass awards unique is their ability to reflect light, making them a great choice if you wish to make the awards sparkle on stage!

Awards can be made of crystal entirely, or can be combined with other materials. To make it even more alike of a piece of art, glass awards are often combined with wood or stone to blend nature with modernity. We can also combine crystal with acrylic or metal if we are trying to achieve a more modern or industrial-chic look. 

Glass Trophies and Awards

Your custom glass award is in great hands with our team of expert project managers who will ensure that your deadlines are met, and that your awards arrive properly packaged at destination. Crystal is a great option for many event types:

Glass trophies and awards are frequently made in classical, elegant shapes with angles that promote their brilliance. Glass can also be moulded into any custom shape, allowing for endless design possibilities! It’s possible for glass trophy awards to have polished edges that have the same clear transparency as crystal, or to have frosted edges, for a finish that resembles ice or snow. Most glass awards are clear as crystal, and they can also be tainted any pantone color. Tainting your custom glass award gives it an added touch of personalization and can help tying in your brand colors into your symbolic item. 

The final choice really depends on the intent behind your award and the setting in which it will be presented. Our art team can help you define the best customization option to make your glass award truly iconic. 

Engraved Crystal Awards

Glass awards can be engraved or printed on the surface. Laser engraving a glass award gives it a sober and sophisticated look, while printing can add a pop of color and is a great way to make your logo stand out. Another option is called etch and color fill. This method is very popular because it blends engraving and printing. First, the glass award is engraved using a laser, and then, color is applied to the cavities. This method requires a high level of precision and craftsmanship because each color has to be applied manually, one after the other. It’s frequent for engraved awards to have a gold or silver color fill to make the piece look more luxurious.

Glass is the only material that can be 3D etched. 3D etching is a type of personalization that creates a hologram-like design inside the crystal. This allows us to personalize your glass trophies and awards with highly accurate 3D elements that look as if they were floating inside your award.



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