Whether you’re looking to make a statement with an extraordinary piece, or you want to opt for a sleek and minimalistic look, there are options for all preferences and price points.

Note: Here at Altrum Awards, the minimum order value for custom awards is $500. If that seems too high for your project, visit our online store!


Setup Fees

The setup fee accounts for the admin and support needed to create your project. It’s a one-time fee that covers everything other than raw materials: setting up the machines, accounting, packaging and much more!

Expect a fee of $200 and up depending on the complexity of your project.


Unit Cost

The unit cost includes raw materials and direct labor associated with your awards. A few factors can affect unit cost:

Size: The bigger the piece, the more expensive it will be due to the amount of material used.

Materials: Materials can often be interchanged in a design to strike the perfect note. Want more weight? Let’s go with crystal! Looking for a specific color hue? Acrylic is our weapon of choice! Need more texture? Acrystone, wood, and metal are game changers!

Complexity: Custom products require a lot of craftsmanship. While some processes can be automated, about 90% of the work required to create your award is manual. The more cutting, polishing, assembly or print details involved, the higher the price.

Quantity: The bigger your order, the more your unit cost will drop. Simply said – you’ll benefit from economies of scale!


Taxes & Shipping

Depending on your awards’ destination, duties, taxes and shipping will vary. Make sure to tell your account manager whether your budget includes or excludes these fees!

The art of selecting the right elements for your award is not something you need to take on yourself.

Your account manager is an expert solution finder
They will guide you towards the best design options to make your awards in-budget and stunning!

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