1. Fully Custom

Custom is our specialty! We’ll discuss your project and come up with evocative ideas for you. Together, we’ll choose the materials, colors and techniques that will make your award unique. This option is perfect if you’re looking for a creative, one-of-a-kind award or set of awards.

Timing: Typically, allow for 6-8 weeks from initial design to final delivery

Budget: $500 or above

Minimum quantity: 1 unit

Creativity level: High – the possibilities are endless

Involvement level: Low – your project manager will worry about logistics so you don’t have to

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155275-Halo-Award for SXSW Gaming Tournament

2. Order Online

Need awards quickly? Our online store allows you to pick amongst a variety of award templates and personalize them online in a few clicks. Place your order, and get it in the mail a few days later.

Timing: 4-10 business days after placing your order

Budget: $55-$90 per unit + shipping and taxes

Minimum quantity: 1 unit

Creativity level: Medium – Lots of templates to choose from!

Involvement level: Medium – You’ll need to type your text and import your logo

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Award order online years of service

3. Order Online - Private for Your Organization

This option is great for programs. Years of service awards, retirement awards, or to celebrate your team’s many successes, our private client zone allows you to manage repeat orders seamlessly. We recommend this solution if you plan to order the same award model multiple times per year, or wish to implement a consistent program across your different offices.

Timing: 2 weeks for setup, 4-10 business days for delivery after ordering

Budget: $250 setup fee + Variable unit cost depending on the design you choose

Minimum quantity: 10 units per year, 1 unit per order

Creativity level: High

Involvement level: Medium – You’ll need to type your text

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