Custom Metal Awards

Browse through our selection of metal trophies to discover some unique corporate awards. Our custom awards and trophies are made to order; if you have a specific idea in mind, we can create it! 

Metal awards are primarily made of aluminum. Aluminum is considered a ductile metal, meaning it can be easily shaped and sculpted into various forms. This metal is also 100% recyclable, non-toxic, non-magnetic, and very durable. Aluminum is naturally silver, but it can be painted any color using a technique called airbrushing.  Because it is considered a premium material, metal is often used to accessorize an award. Aluminum bases or plaques are common in combination with other materials like lucite. It is also possible to make an award almost entirely of metal, which results in a unique corporate award!

Unique Metal Award Ideas

Altrum’s design team will help you get the perfect custom award. Whether it’s for a long term service award concept or to give to recipients at a gala, we’ll make sure that the unique award ideas we suggest are aligned with your brand image and values. 

Custom metal awards and trophies can be inspired by various aspects of your brand:

  • Brand colors
  • Logo or brand design element you use often
  • Words of wisdom from the company’s founder
  • Iconic product or design pattern
  • Recent or vintage photos your brand published
  • Your building’s architecture or design elements taken from your workplace
  • Cultural elements from your headquarter’s country

You can be as involved as you’d like in the conception process of your customized awards. If you have an idea in mind and need us to execute it, no problem! Alternatively, we can also take full creative reins and propose novel concepts for you to pick from. Usually, the process is collaborative and with your input and our design team’s talent, we come to a perfect final product for your event!

Custom Awards & Trophies

Altrum specializes in custom awards and trophies. Custom means that the product is built from scratch, and every aspect of it is unique. The advantage of doing a custom award or trophy is that your final product will be completely unique, and every aspect of it will be intentional and meaningful. By going custom, each color is the correct shade, the trophy can be as tall, thin or wide as you’d like, most importantly, it’s unique to your organization or event and can become an iconic symbol of your success. 

Metal awards and trophies are a great way to distinguish your organization as this material is more rarely used in corporate awards. Because it is a premium material, it is often used in custom sports awards for its sturdiness, and for prestigious galas for its modern look.

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