Custom Stone Awards, Plaques and Trophies

Stone awards are stunning for their texture, pattern and heavy mass. It’s possible to create awards out of natural stone, synthetic stone, or a blend of both. Our top of the line machinery paired with our team of talented designers ensures that we can create customized awards that are one of a kind and luxurious. Using stones and other materials, we can create unique elements for your trophy and hand-polish your award to make its brilliance surface. We’ll make sure to propose unique award ideas that will look impeccable on stage and are built to withstand any celebration.

Custom Natural & Synthetic Stone Awards

One of the main types of stones we use is granite. Granite awards look and feel luxurious due to their heavy weight, and they can be shaped and polished to take many forms. Stone awards are often used for:

  • Sports trophies
  • Sculpture awards
  • Business achievement awards
  • Gala awards
  • Arts and culture awards

Natural stone is a premium material that is typically used sparingly in awards. Natural stones include granite, marble and quartz. To achieve similar results, many clients opt for synthetic stone, or a stone blend. Synthetic stone, or acrystone, is made of acrylic components, and modern processes make it look very similar to the natural kind. It can be any shade of brown or gray and have pigments resembling the natural variety. 

The advantage of synthetic stone and stone blends is that we can achieve better consistency when making multiple of the same awards. It is also lighter, meaning that shipping costs are cheaper. For a more unique award, natural stone can be used to make it one of a kind. 

Engraving Awards & Gifts

To customize your stone awards or gifts, we’ve got many options to propose! 

Engraving: The classic, most well-known method for custom awards is engraving, also called etching. This implies using a laser to precisely carve text or logos into the stone award or metal plaque. This method results in a classy tone-on-tone customization. 

Etch & color fill: This method is used to make your text or logos pop out more. The first step is to laser-engrave the customization elements, and then carefully fill the etching with paint. The filling process is manual and requires a high degree of craftsmanship. The most popular colors are gold and silver, which go perfectly with granite, or black, to go with marble.

Direct printing: This method is quick, efficient, and budget-friendly. A direct print means that the customization elements are printed using high quality ink onto the surface of the award or plaque. This method is often used to print details directly into the awards.

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