Custom Wood Awards

Wood awards are found to be especially popular for their natural, eco-friendly nature. Wood can add a lot of warmth and class to your custom award. The material can be lasered into 2D custom shapes or machined into various 3D forms with the option of a stained, color airbrush or natural finish. It is a great material for adding texture and depth to a piece in a stylish, organic manner.

Customizable Wood Awards

Our specialist design team is always exploring new techniques and skills to ensure you receive your custom made award exactly as you envisioned. Some great ways to utilise wood in awards:

  • Award to celebrate a green project
  • Eco-friendly service anniversary awards
  • Architecture and design executive awards
  • Volunteering or humanitarian acts recognition awards

Customizable awards are a powerful way of showing your appreciation, recognizing your team and giving praise where due. Our wood awards offer a range of creative, lightweight shapes at a more cost effective price and most importantly having less of an impact on the environment. 

To allow the wood to be carved into various custom shapes we use 

the laser cutting machine, the same machine used to cut our 2D acrylic pieces. This is done through the use of a thin laser intersecting the material to get an accurate outline, another function of this laser enables it to add intricate details etched onto the custom corporate awards creating a darker, textured effect.

Executive Awards Made of Wood

When creating wood pieces at our factory it entails a vast amount of before and after care to ensure your custom corporate awards are perfectly sanded, smoothed and finished to a high standard. We offer endless customization options including: 

  • Color matching airbrushed finishes result in a glossy finish, making the use of wood less obvious. This technique is great if you want to use an eco-friendly material but make your office awards more modern looking.
  • Staining, which keeps the natural wood grain visible with a tinted colour added. Many colors are available from natural shades like maple, birch and mahogany to more colorful stains like forest green, deep blue or charcoal.
  • The wood can be left in its raw form with a clear varnish added to protect the custom made award.

Wood is a beautiful material that can be used in many creative ways when making custom awards. We make sure to use high quality wood pieces and appropriate protection methods to ensure your awards will stand the test of time and remain beautiful forever. 

Wood awards are a great way to offer something a little different to the norm with most custom made awards being produced out of acrylic or crystal. That said, we do have the ability to combine these materials to create an office award that looks edgy and innovative. Adding alternative materials on to wood pieces is often done to add more weight due to the nature of the material being light and as a way to offer a mixture of textures and tones.

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